Saturday, February 27, 2010


I thought I would take this opportunity to post because I am on an airplane right now. Pretty cool right!?!

So this post is certainly long over due. This post will so our make-shift darkroom that we constructed in our kitchen. As you can see we used black garbage bags to cover the windows and we hung blankets on both sides of the door to create a light proof room. Luckily the kitchen is right next to our bathroom which has an exhaust fan and the kitchen itself has a nice big ceiling fan. In other news I recently had a solo show in Port Washington. It was part of a community event. The space was great and I was happy to be able to show my work too a relatively large audience. Mike Got this little projector and it worked really well. We had a lot of fun making some photos. We work in a pretty similar manner and come up with some similar abstract images. Down at the bottom is an image of Mike's safe light that came with his projector.